Taking Care of Your Best Tools

I have a little secret. I'm no spring chicken.

It's getting very hard for me to thread a needle and I can sew for about 15 minutes before my hands go numb from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I've seen a Chiropractor for the involvement of my neck, and now have found a tremendous amount of relief from a treatment called Rolfing. It's a method of healing various problems in the body by manipulating the connective tissue or fascia. Repetitive movement or prolonged postures create tightening of this tissue which in turn affects your nerves in the surrounding tissue causing pain or numbness and tingling.

I went to my current rolfer Brooke Tacak who's office is in the Quarry Hill building off of University Ave. in Madison for a bout of Plantar's Fasciitis. My heel was in so much pain I could hardly stand walking on it the first thing in the morning and then throughout the day when I'd first start walking.

Brooke is taking me through a series they call the 10 series where each of the areas of the body are stretched and manipulated to bring the body back into alignment. Long story short, my heel has no pain any more. She's still working on me and hopefully the hands will follow.

I'm not so great at taking care of myself. I've always been better at making sure everyone else is taken care of. My body is giving me some pretty strong messages these days. I'm beginning to listen.

I'll keep you posted on my Rolfing progress. It really has been great so far.

Check it out if you are interest or have similar issues. www.rolfingwithbrooke.com

I'm also reviving a Yoga practice tomorrow that I've let slide for way too long.

It won't matter what kind of fancy tools I have if I can't hold them for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Take care.


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