Blind Hem Fabric Folding Guide

Classic Tailoring: The Blazer on Craftsy.com

Dart Tutorial: Bodice with two French Darts

Patterning Gathers

Matching Print Tutorial at CraftFoxes.com

Pattern Alteration with multiple sizes

Pattern Drafting from Ready to Wear on Craftsy.com

Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z on Craftsy.com

VOGUE 9040: Coatmaking Techniques

Uniform Trim for American Players Theatre's Pride and Prejudice


Anonymous said…
sorry what link? can you clarify? is there any way of getting to the tutorials anyhow? thanks
Jay said…
It looks like you need to hit subscribe to get more details :-)
steff said…
There's a Print matching tutorial on Craftfoxes.com (you'll have to sign in with them to see it)
There's my Sew it All episode available on DVD from Sew it All


The Craftsy.com videos will be shot in December and I'll be posting here when they become available so if you hit the orange subscribe button and subscribe to the updates, you'll get all those updates as they are posted. I'd love to know what kind of tutorials you are interested in, let me know and I'll see what I can do!
Anonymous said…
How do I sign up for your blog?
steff said…
Thanks for asking! At the upper right hand side of each pager just below the tabs is a blue "follow by email" and "subscribe to" area,
If you want an e-mail notification of updates follow by e-mail, or if you have one of the services under the subscribe to area (I use google reader for the blogs I follow so I wanted to have this option)
There is also a sign up below that for my new mailing list for information about my new pattern company coming later this year.
Thanks again for asking!

Unknown said…

I was looking for away to send you a message on craftsy but couldnt seem to find a contact button anywhere. Im probably just blind. Im trying to figure out my budget for buying you class and drafting my own patterns from clothes I already have.. problem is I dont have all the tools! I was curious what the difference between the tracing wheel and needle wheel are (obviously the needle wheel has needles.. but whats the difference in their purposes?) Thanks for your help. Just wondering if I really need both of them.

steff said…
A tracing wheel has blunt points that just mark the fabric with tracing paper, the needle wheel has ver sharp points that go through the paper, the intention is to make the holes. Sorry I didn't see this question until today!
Unknown said…
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