home making

We are in the process of selling our house, and moving to another slightly roomier house in another community nearby. As part of the purging and getting everything staged I've come to really love taking care of all this stuff that I used to dread and rush through and did I mention dread?
It feels great to have everything in it's place. It feels great to have so much space, and having everything finished. There's a lot of love here.
I used to really poo poo the whole idea of being a "homemaker."
Today I was talking to some women about the Sewing Machine Project, (more about that later) and I was talking about how sewing can be so empowering to women, or anyone I guess who wants to be close to home to be available for kids, to be the anchor or touchstone. There's a book called "Women's Work" about how traditionally these sorts of jobs were women's work because you could do textile related work and still tend the fire and watch the children. Lots to think about.
I am so grateful.
The new place will have a room just off the kitchen on the main floor with two windows and that will be my workroom.
I'm not sure what I'll be making.
Some clothes, some patterns, another book maybe.
I'm pretty good at that.
A home.
I'm getting better at that too.


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