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My Biggest Sewing Secret

People ask me all the time, what is the best sewing machine for a beginner? That's a great question. I always say, the best machine for a beginner is one that you can afford and that you'll actually use. Translation: The best sewing machine for a beginner is inexpensive and simple. The more bells and whistles you get on your first sewing machine, the more confusing the process, and the more frustrating the experience. So if you want to try out sewing, start with a basic machine which you can usually find for under $100. Why is this important? Sewing can be very satisfying when it goes smoothly, but when a beginner is just starting out it can be overwhelming. The best way to enjoy sewing is to have little victories right away! Start simple and learn the basics on a machine that doesn't break the bank and then as you advance, when you find that you need more features, you can check out another more complex machine. The reason I say this is my secret is that for most of my

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