Alabama Cheerleader

So, if I could just have the job of telling the world how great Natalie Chanin and all things Alabama Chanin are, I would. But short of uprooting my very rooted in Wisconsin husband and kids and moving to Florence Alabama to be her personal assistant (how cool would that be?) I choose to share my love for these books and this idea of making these beautiful handmade things in the USA with my local Madison chapter of the American Sewing Guild.
We will be making a journal cover and viewing her film Stitch at the Electric Needle in Madison on April 30th. You can join us by registering through the Electric Needle.
The class will include a copy of the Alabama Stitch Book, all journal supplies, and an afternoon of stenciling and hand sewing with a bunch of great ladies who also love to sew. I might just make some food from the book and bring that too. So if you are in Madison and would like to join us, please do.


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