Did I mention that I went to Denver last year to tape an episode of this cool new sewing show from Ellen March at Sew News Magazine? It's called SEW IT ALL and it will feature Ellen with a different guest each episode making some great project. Check out all the videos on their website. Some of the other guests from this first season include Carmen Webber and Suede, both from Project Runway, Kathy Cano-Murillo AKA the Crafty Chica, EllynAnne Geisel the Apron Lady, and Debbie Mumm, just to name a few. Check with your local PBS station to see if it's scheduled to air in your area, I've seen in listed in New Hampshire and Iowa so far.
My episode is called "Knockout Knock-offs" and in it I go through the process of tracing a skirt from start to finish, so if you are curious about the rub off technique from the book Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit, then check it out.
I'm looking at the photos and it seems I'm rockin' my Velma from Scooby Doo look I had going on last fall. The blond fairies have gotten hold of me again since then and I'm looking little more sunny these days.
Anyway I'm interested to see the episode when it comes out, it's all sort of a blur now, but I know I had a great time with Ellen and everyone from the show that day, and I think it's going to be a really fun series to watch.


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