Show & Tell

Spring break was a couple of weeks ago for us here in Wisconsin and yoga daddy & I took the girls back to LA for a visit with friends, to check out the old neighborhood, and a couple of days at Disneyland.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was to visit with our friends Curtis and Nancy and John & Latha. We were the only ones who had kids when we left 8 years ago and now they all have kids too. It was great to see them & catch up.

I teased Curtis and Nancy about their "Emmy Nook" a little shelf at the end of a hallway where they had their twin Emmys from their time as producers on The Amazing Race, and I gave Nancy a copy of my book.

Last week I got an e-mail from her with photos of a little renaissance fair costume she'd made for her daughter Charlotte:

"I was so inspired by your book! I used one of Charlotte's old dresses to pattern off of, to make her a costume for the Ren Faire .... Don't look too closely, it's the first time I've pulled out the sewing machine in years and the stitches are pretty sloppy. But I had fun doing something without a pattern, who knows, might try it again. Your book makes me want to sew again!"

Ha! When I saw these photos I thought surely she'd had a costumer make this! It's so perfectly to scale!

I just had to share these, because they turned out so great!


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