The Apron Lady

I wanted to tell you about this fantastic woman I met when I went to Denver to tape the Sew It All episode "Knockout Knock-offs."
Her name is EllynAnne Geisel and she is the author of several really great books on Aprons, so much so that her knickname is the "the Apron Lady." I was struck by her delightful way of describing her aprons and the connections that they give us to the past. So much like the stories I tell in my book about my connection with my Great Grandmother through the patterns I found.
We had a little weather glitch that day that allowed us to spend a little more time together than we might have otherwise and I got to know her a little on that day and we were instant friends. I got to watch her episode and she is so clever an funny I couldn't help but want to follow her around like a little puppy dog.
I love that she describes herself as a curator, because she has a traveling collection of aprons that has been all over in a lovely exhibit Apron Chronicles. She has three books: The Apron Book, Apronisms, and The Kitchen Linens Book.
As EllenAnne likes to say: "Tie one on!" an apron of course.


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